Coined more than ten years ago out of mere jest, this moniker Cheesetal turned out to become a catchy username that I use for most of my online platforms that I have today. I decided to redefine my way of writing with this space after many years of writing here, a convenient platform where a younger (read: hormonal and angsty) version of myself latched on to express in words what I was incapable of speaking.

Say Cheese, Tal encompasses the core constants of my means of expression – Written words to appease my bout of verbal diarrhea along with visuals that I capture in moments of sudden inspiration, in hopes to add depth and colour to what I have to say.
I enjoy sharing travel experiences that are written with the intention to ignite the adventurous side in you too and if you drop by often enough, you’d come across a rare mention of my inner thoughts and emotions that are significant enough to be archived here.

In reality, people call me Crystal.

I am typically that average person you’d notice walking across the street, except that I’m more likely to trip over a loose pebble, laugh at myself and then proceed to act as though that incident was totally meant to happen.

In one way or another, I hope this space relates to you and leaves enough of an impression to make you come back.