The name Cheesetal was coined more than ten years ago out of mere jest, and eventually became the catchy online moniker that I have today. I decided to redefine my way of writing with this space after many years of blogging on a different platform, where a younger (read: hormonal and angsty) version of myself used to express in words what I was incapable of speaking.

In reality, people call me Crystal.

I am typically that average girl you’d notice walking across the street, except that I’m quite capable of tripping over a loose pebble, laugh at my own clumsiness and then act as though that incident was totally meant to happen. Heh.

Say Cheese, Tal is a platform dedicated to my international travels and the beauty that New Zealand has to offer, since I am primarily based there. I mostly travel with my favourite NZ Wanderer and together, we write and photograph with an intention to ignite the adventurous side in anyone who wants to see the world. On the occasion that you’re lucky, there’d be the odd mention of personal lamentations that are significant enough to be archived here. 

In one way or another, I hope this space relates to you and leaves enough of an impression to make you want to come back, always.