Lake Tekapo x Mount Cook

Being the more spontaneous one amongst the both of us, Jeff decided that this winter would be perfect to do a road trip around New Zealand’s South Island because when the man wants snow, he has to have it.

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It’s yet another one of our classic quick weekend getaways so we chose to just visit each of our favourite places – Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook. There was a lot of driving to do as we started our journey from Christchurch but the weather could not have been more perfect than what it was that weekend!



We were so surprised to be greeted with clear blue skies as we’ve been hearing all about the gloomy weather down south leading up to our trip.


My last visit to Lake Tekapo was more than four years ago, just before I moved up north. That place is a keeper of a few significant memories and remains my favourite place in New Zealand. While you have the colourful lupins blooming in summer, during winter, it’s a change of landscape as you have a full view of the snow-capped mountains to admire before you.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t stay to do some star-gazing that night, but just being back here is good enough for me.



Mount Cook, on the other hand, is one of the places that Jeff has always loved to be at during winter! The minute we arrived at our lodge, he was like an excited child to see the national park covered in snow and was quite reluctant to get back indoors even as the day grew darker and our ears were freezing from the cold.



Funnily enough, this is my first time being at Mount Cook and I am looking forward to coming back to do a few of their walks.




This video is different from our previous ones as we decided to do a bit of vlogging for a change. Watching it might give you an idea of how beautiful the scenery was throughout our entire road trip, hope you guys like it!