This Christmas, I caught a cold at the Coromandel.

It was a whirlwind flight up to Hamilton and an early drive the next morning to the Coromandel to finally do the famed Pinnacles Walk. Leading up to our hike, all of us were expecting superb weather considering what a good summer it has been for New Zealand and to our dismay, it was the complete opposite.

Weather aside, it wasn’t a bad way to spend Christmas. Have a look at the photos, we still had a great time!


There’s quite a number of ways to do this hike; most would recommend climbing up to the huts for an overnighter before continuing on to the summit to catch the sunrise the next day. Otherwise, you could also complete the walk within a day, which was what we opted for this time.

Head over to theย Kauaeranga Visitor Centre to know more about other trails you could do in the area. From here, it’s a 30-minute drive on gravel road to the starting point of the Pinnacle Walk.


We started our hike with pretty good weather – comfortable morning sun, not unbearably hot as we trekked through the forest. It wasn’t long before we really picked up a sweat with the incline gradually increasing as we continued our journey. The walk had several detours from the recent floods, look out for signs and you’ll be alright.



I’ll admit that my recent lack of exercise made it more of a chore to climb up so many stairs; you might want to consider some endurance training if you’re planning to do this trail.




It was halfway into our walk that it started drizzling, and it didn’t stop. By the time we reached the huts for a break, we were drenched and the fog completely obscured the beautiful scenery that we were hoping to catch at the top of the Pinnacles. They said that you could see as far as Auckland on a fine day!




Despite not being able to see anything beyond our trail, we still continued towards the summit anyway as it wasn’t too far to go from the huts.



The last leg of the trail was mostly stairs, with a little bit of climbing to do to reach the top. This was where my fear of heights got the better of me and I figured that staying put was a better idea, heh.





I’d say it’s a great hike to do in good weather conditions; I am now nursing a cold that I got from being drenched that day. Catching the sunrise at the top would definitely be next to tick off on my hiking list. If you’re planning to do this walk, bring a substantial food pack and hydration, insect repellant and proper footwear – some areas could get really slippery especially in bad weather conditions.

Have the look at the official DOC link for more details: