10 Best Travel Moments of 2017

What a year it has been for me!

I whizzed through 2017 feeling exceptionally breathless from all the activity and for good reason, I feel quite ready to do a closure to welcome the New Year. Sure, there were the occasional lows amidst all the highs, but I’ll save that bit of conversation to have over a cup of coffee if you’re keen.

For now, let us look back at what a fantastic travel year this has been!

  1. My solo travels in Sri Lanka definitely takes home the award for the best sunrise of the year, right on top of Adam’s Peak.img_0040
  2. From local scenic hotspots like Queenstown and Waiheke Island, to international destinations like Thailand and Malaysia, it was a year of many destination weddings where I reconnected with friends whom I’ve not met in years!35087570086_a71744af3a_k



  3. I should add that my favourite out of the above was being Maid of Honor for a wonderful couple at Queenstown.19642420_10155462787002090_5769929596123081368_n
  4. I also went back to the South Island to tick off something I’ve been wanting to do since my first day in New Zealand – Horse-riding at Glenorchy.33403879730_86ee80e666_k
  5. Kept the yearly birthday tradition of climbing mountains. I admit, it was a crazy decision to climb up Mount Taranaki, but Jeff and I were too competitive to back down and did it anyway.tara-2
  6. There’s nothing like doing a wine-cycle tour at Hawkes Bay with a group of fun ladies. 


  7. In the middle of the year, I put my tour guide skills to a test; took some kiwis for a drive around Peninsula Malaysia for seven days. We ate our way through it and survived.DSC05262
  8. Our drive up to Northland turned out to be a pretty epic adventure. I thought nothing could beat the beauty of the South Island, until I stood in front of the lighthouse at Cape Reinga.36880591724_afcba13437_z
  9. Got down to finally having a taste of glamping. 


  10. It was also that same trip that I said the most life-changing Yes that I will ever say in my entire life.J&C-1062