I thank myself for not giving up writing.

Exactly a year after my first post, one of the best resolutions I made (and kept) for 2017 was to actively pick up writing again through this platform.

There was a period where I took a break for a long time and now that I’m back, it took awhile before I could gracefully catch the wave of the direction Say Cheese, Tal is currently heading on and fast forward to today, I can tell you that I’ve not looked back since.

Finding inspiration or ‘creating content‘ as how people call it these days feels very much like rekindling an old love; refreshing from a somewhat new start but not uncomfortably so, seeing as I’ve spent more than ten years(!) writing now.

You may not realise this, but specifically writing about a particular niche can be a challenge, especially as I spent all those years writing anything I felt like. As I grew older, all I was sure of was I wanted to disclose less of my personal life, and share more of my travels and wanderlust, so I just decided to wing it and let everything else take its own course.

It’s been great to see that this site has been warmly received by many – Friends enjoy reading, my family stalks this website like prey (by family I mean my mom) to keep track of the mischief I get up to, and strangers who drop by are very generous with their compliments and stories. The most prominent thing I noticed was that readers are being inspired by this platform to travel more, which was the exact aim I set out to achieve from the beginning.

Then, there were some accidental achievements, like how this space went viral overnight after my day trip to Penang was featured on Discover by WordPress, or how Malaysians related very much to this post. I woke up early the next day to an overflowing email inbox and skyrocketing viewership from all over the world.

Really, I never expected the response to be quite as phenomenal.

These little milestones have very significant impacts on me, because we all know that blogging is becoming a dying culture; a huge majority of the digital world is centred around visual feed like Instagram, YouTube, or microblogging facilities that allows you to update as you go. It has come to a point where reading has become a chore to do, let alone asking someone to write substantial reading material. It’s very encouraging to know that there are people who spare the time to read and likewise, I myself feel inspired to keep up with the traveling and writing.

Unknowingly, this blog has resulted in many surprising opportunities and also the most unexpected friendships that I am truly grateful for. More importantly, it continues to be the perfect channel to fuel my love for travel that hopefully would inspire you too!