There is a Constant.

Today is one of those sentimental days where I looked through my old archives and paused at an entry dating back to 2014. I wrote it when I was still in university and four years later, even when I’m now in a completely different environment in terms of circumstances and mindset, this entry still rings true today that I thought it’s worth sharing on this space.

I am passionate about many things, but there isn’t much to dispute about the fact that my greatest love would be to travel.

Even since young, my family and friends were well aware of this, and as much as my mother was reluctant for me to take risks that she couldn’t calculate if I was in a different country from her, I did my fair share of disappearing whenever there was opportunity for me to do so.

(She’s more supportive these days – she stalks my whereabouts through Instagram and is a very dedicated grammar nazi for my blogposts.)

I am not quite sure where I got it from. Maybe, a big part of it was because dad used to travel for a living, and I loved listening to his stories and follow him on the rare chances we got have family holidays. I don’t know about you, but just the act of going to places I’ve never been to gives me so much exhilaration, knowledge and priceless experiences that I know I’ll never get by just staying put in a fixed coordinate.

When I am on the go, there is always this sense of freedom that I experience while being away from home; a fleeting span of time for me to leave behind my worries and attachments. With all these myriad of feelings continue to spur my yearn to travel, there is something else that I feel of late.

That, I now have a Constant.

In my recent years of wanderlust, it feels so surreal to think that I have found this sense of happiness and contentment to just be at one place only. It is a feeling of warmth, of knowing that there will be something, or someone that is capable of navigating me back to where I first started, no matter how far I have journeyed to.

Every time that I travel now, there is never a day that I don’t look forward to coming back home, to wherever that constant might be.