Glamping It Up At Highfield Forest Retreat

Admit it – At some point in your life, you’ve probably oooooh-ed and aaaahhhh-ed at all these visuals of beautiful luxury campsites out in the wilderness that’s dotted all over Pinterest, travel magazines, social media, wishing that you’d be able to experience it at least once in your lifetime.

I definitely fitted that description and after endless browsing, bookmarking tabs and following some pretty inspiring travel feed, we finally got a taste of glamping at the Highfield Forest Retreat, an experience that I highly recommend if you’re ever looking for an unique staycation here in New Zealand.


There’s plenty of unique accommodations available all across the country that you could book through various means, but I was particularly intrigued by the concept of Canopy Camping and images of their affiliated glamp sites got me sold! Out of all the options, we picked the Highfield Forest Retreat as it fitted in well with our road trip itinerary. It’s also a comfortable 2.5 hour drive from Auckland, which is fairly convenient for those who live in the city, or even from out of town/overseas if you’d ever be keen for this experience.


After turning off the main highway, it seemed like a long drive on gravel road before we finally saw our tent. Nestled at the edge of a forest with surrounding farmland, the set up was exactly like how you see it in pictures, if not better. 




Separate from the tent is a hut for the kitchen and a cozy lounge, fully equipped with amenities that you’d normally get when you stay at a bach. Our host Tracy added a personal touch by bringing us baked goods for breakfast the next morning. The bathroom and shower are pretty decent, with a cheeky addition of an outdoor bathtub to spice things up if you’re there for a couple retreat.


It’s the perfect getaway if you’re looking for a brief escape, or a more comfortable outdoor experience that’s not as rough as camping. I thoroughly enjoyed the lack of phone/internet coverage, no plugs for electronics; it’s a chance to wind down and be present with the person who went along this crazy (and romantic) adventure with you.


If you’ve been dreaming about experiencing something like this, have a go – it might be more accessible than what you think. Our memorable stay here may have set the ball rolling for more exciting things to come!

If you have similar places to recommend, please list them down in the comments.
Who knows, we might make it our next adventure!


Your Wanderlust starts now.