It is Not my job to travel.

Quite a number of people have asked me whether travelling is what I do for a living, or is it the only thing I get up to.

Well, the answer is no.

I can see why it’s so easy to assume that it is the case with all that’s portrayed through social media; on most days, even my own friends and family members find it hard to keep up with my whereabouts and they get so confused, they stopped asking altogether.

Whenever anyone asks me personally if I travel for a living, I am quick to put things into perspective – It is definitely not something I do all the time, let alone for my livelihood, because just like almost anyone else, I am confined by your day-to-day mundane responsibilities, time and financial constraints, alongside other passions that I dabble with.

Like any other adult, I actually have a regular daytime job.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job, I just don’t talk about it.

For one, when I say mundane, it really is as mundane as it gets – It isn’t quite your average office job, but I still need to be up early every morning, stay put in the building, sitting in the same room for hours at a time, doing repeated procedures over and over until I call it a day. This cycle repeats itself from Monday to Friday, and the only thing that could possibly interest you is a mention of how good our monthly staff lunches are!

I mean, even if I should talk about it, it doesn’t make quite as good a conversation as compared to telling you about my next travel adventure, no? 

So really, it is not my job to travel, I simply make time to do it as often as I can because it is my passion.

The idea of being paid to travel sounds very enticing, but I’m not sure if I would enjoy it as much I do now if it becomes my livelihood. I am also a firm believer in the whole ‘work hard, play harder’ shebang and it’s serves as a great incentive when you know you have something to look forward to at the end of the day.

For me, there’s so much to look forward to in life, travel is only a (huge) part of it!