So I Stumbled Upon Caroline’s Garden at the Manawatu.

New Zealand’s North Island has seen some amazing weather over the past week, with clear blue skies coupled with a cool breeze that’s ideal for being outdoors!

We decided to take a drive out of town on one of those sunny days just to make full use of the good weather. As we cruised along the road leading towards the Manawatu Gorge, a surprise detour led us to discover an absolutely beautiful gem.


Hidden along Fitzherbert East Road at Aokutere is a garden and shop owned by Caroline’s Creative Interiors, whose little sign at the entrance is very unassuming compared to what we saw once we entered the property. We were greeted by Caroline herself, together with her white Bichon who was quite excited to see two strangers entering the property.



It turned out that Caroline specializes in interior design and soft furnishings, while this beautiful garden can be hired as a wedding venue for your special occasion of happily ever after! I wouldn’t be surprised how busy they must be during wedding season as this garden seemed ideal for an intimate outdoor ceremony.


Caroline was kind enough to allow us to have a stroll through the area and we had such a good time exploring every nook and cranny of the gardens. I couldn’t help but admire the little details and features that really made this place magical; it reminds me exactly of the Secret Garden I grew up reading as a child.

Here are some pictures of her place and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!







Just when I thought I’ve been to most places, it’s definitely a pleasant surprise to discover a location like this so close to where I live. Safe to say that I’ll keep my eyes peeled for hidden gems like this one in the future.

If you happen to be looking for a wedding venue, take the time to stop by when you’re in the area; I’ve listed details of her business down below:

Caroline’s Creative Interiors/Design & Desire Boutique