What a Happy Month of March

Looking back, I realised how my birthdays are usually very quiet and close to being a non-existential affair. It’s mostly just due to personal preference; I find myself giving maximum quality time for others during intimate get-togethers and also, I don’t quite consider my birthday an important enough reason to have the grandest of celebrations.

There is something different though as I turn a year older this year. It is not the age number that is significant, it is the circumstances around me that makes my heart want to burst with all the happiness and gratitude as I watch the pieces slowly fit together into their respective places.

It has been a great year so far as I reflect the many aspects that are actually worth throwing a party for!

This year, I celebrate being able to once again have Time on my side. After a whirlwind that is last year, it feels so surreal to be able to catch my breath when I need to, or to enjoy a getaway without worrying about what needs to be completed the second my holiday is over.
I relish that I now have the time to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings, to pick up my camera when I feel like capturing photos, to continue my newfound love for watercolours and better still, the time to do absolutely nothing when I feel so.

I celebrate the significance of Companionship; not just the many people who are present this birthday, but more importantly with those who were always present year after year, be it near or far. To rekindle and reconnect is in my wish list this year, and not only has this initiative been extremely rewarding, I have been pleasantly surprised to have also acquainted myself with new friends who are definitely here to stay.

It makes me so excited to grow old with each and every one of you, together!

I celebrate Health and the continuous intention to Be Healthy, because that is most certainly our greatest wealth. It is ironic how I fell slightly ill after a month’s worth of celebrations, but let’s just say that doesn’t count.

This year, I celebrate the the presence of Love that fills my heart in all forms, be it through family, friendship, a significant other, or a great working environment, even. Also, if you follow my recent shenanigans on Instagram, witnessing the wedding of a wonderful couple probably tops the cake, alongside five other weddings that I will eventually be attending later this year.

Most prominently, I celebrate the never-ending Adventure that comes my way, fuelling my love for travel at wanderlust. It is this aspect of my life that constantly keeps me on my two feet, and have enjoyed a recent series of travelling events that added so much colour to my existing canvas.
I don’t think I will ever tire of  my yearn to see the world, ever.

And so, I bid farewell to a wonderful birthday month of March. Yet, I know that this ending is only the beginning of a wonderful birthday, a wonderful year of growing older; a year that holds many reasons that are definitely worth celebrating grandly for!