A few years ago, I first heard of this unassuming place from friends who wouldn’t stop raving about how beautiful it was. I guess, you could say that I had unknowingly fallen in love with this place ever since, even without having physically been there before.

After having been there myself, I can tell you that no picture has done enough justice to showcase the beauty of this quiet town in the South Island.

When I say small, I really do mean that this town is small. It is essentially a popular road trip destination for those en route south from Christchurch or east from the Aoraki National Park, where Mount Cook is.


Lake Tekapo’s main attraction is its namesake; people travel far and wide to witness the beauty of this lake and also the surrounding view of ‘The Remarkables’ mountain ranges on a clear day.


It is perfect for a picnic after a long drive, or you could have lunch at their popular Japanese restaurant Kohan whose location is situated at the lakeside, giving you a full view of the brilliant turquoise lake. They also have hot springs nearby if you would like to enjoy a warm dip in the pool with a view to go with it!


I love Tekapo through all its seasons, be it during the cold wintery nights where the falling snow turns everything into a magical white, or summer; especially summer, when lupins of different colours scatter the entire lakeside.

Honestly, I have never seen any place like it; absolutely mesmerising!


Not many may know this, but Lake Tekapo is actually a Dark Sky Reserve, and if you happen to be there when a clear night is forecasted, head over to the Mt John Observatory for some stargazing. Or, bring a sleeping bag to the Church of the Good Shepherd to lie beneath a night scattered with stars – I caught sight of a meteor shower the last time I was there.


My love for this place is not just for it’s beauty, but also for very sentimental reasons. If time is in your favour, I highly recommend staying a night, not just for the stargazing but the beauty that greets you the following morning –


It’s hard to imagine this place could even more beautiful than what it is until I watched the rising sun gradually creeping in, creating an amazing reflection of the church in the distance.



If you’re ever in New Zealand, it would be a shame to not bookmark this destination. As it is, I can’t wait to return once again on my next South Island adventure!




  1. Such beautiful photos! Makes my day better from the very beginning! Thanks
    New Zealand is amazing! I’m thinking of visiting, ’cause I’ve been seeing too much of that awesome scenery and I believe it’s even better live.
    I find myself wondering if it really is that beautiful, its a bit too much beauty in one place haha


  2. It looks like the church’s eyes are glowing, kind of frightening actually. But I absolutely love lupins. I try so hard – and always fail – to grow them. And the starry sky. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. You have such beautiful photos! I went in New Zealand when I was 7 years old and I definitely have to go back there~ Thank you for sharing your trip!


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