Coastal Adventures At Wairarapa, New Zealand

This week’s #RoadTrip series in New Zealand brings us to the southeast coast of the Wairarapa, a region I had never explored previously even though it’s only a two hour drive from where I live.

It was a splendid day to be out and about, with us taking a drive through the valley along the winding coastal road, making stops at a couple of places whose landscape made perfect postcard material.

Oh, we also found ourselves a large seal colony! 




A beautiful cove with a paved pathway that leads you all the way up to the lighthouse. Word has it that this location is the perfect place to catch the rising sun; I am definitely coming back to see how true this is!

Follow the path beyond the lighthouse and you’ll find steps that will take you down to an open area of rock that gives you a full view of the ocean and beyond.



Putangirua Pinnacles

Roughly an hour away from Martinborough, this landmark is located in a scenic reserve that’s meant as a camping site with walks of different durations. This is where we did the Pinnacles Track that gave us access to the lookout point; it takes less than 1.5 hours to do the loop track that gets you back to your starting point.



The walk is relatively easy, but I suggest you wear long pants as there’s quite abit of shrub that you’ll have to walk through to get deeper into the reserve.



Cape Palliser


This was the farthest point of our scenic drive!

We had to drive through quite a stretch of gravel before we finally caught sight of the iconic lighthouse gleaming on top of the hill. I was all in to climb up the 250 steps to catch the breathtaking view in such glorious weather, but I can’t really say the same about the climb down…



Don’t be too rushed to leave the area; head out to the sands just before the lighthouse where you’d come across huge fossil rock formations. Hiding amongst those structures, we found a huge colony of seals basking in the sun! 

_dsc4354 _dsc4342

Aside from the beautiful landscape, the Wairarapa is also well known for their wine trails where you can either drive or cycle your way through, and also multiple festivals that happen throughout the year!