Batu Caves, Malaysia

It’s nice to have friends from overseas visiting Malaysia. This means that I get a chance to play tour guide and bring them to local attractions that I’ve always heard of, but never took the time to visit when I’m back home.

One of the main places that people are very interested in is Batu Caves; I have been there quite a few times in the recent years, so if you need a tour guide, you know who to look for!


Just a short 20 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, this iconic attraction is not just famous for its limestone caves, but also for the Hindu temple that’s moulded into the cave structure, making it an important worshipping site for the Hindu community.


The first thing you’d notice from afar would be the large golden statue of Murugan, and you’ll be greeted by 272 concrete steps that you’ll need to climb to access the shrine within the caves. For ladies, do remember to wear pants that are below knee-length or bring a shawl to wear before entering.


Batu Caves are also quite famous for their community of monkeys that roam freely along the steps; you might want to be careful if you’re holding any food/drinks as they’re quite capable of snatching it away from you!


I recently came here with Neil and Kyra from New Zealand, and the place was packed with both tourists and locals as it’s pretty near Thaipusam; there was alot of hustle and bustle in terms of preparations and we were lucky to catch a group doing practice runs for the main celebration happening on the 9th of February this year!


Upon entering the main opening of the caves, there’s quite a lot of sights to take in, watching the locals doing their prayers and offerings to the Hindu gods, my friends were quite lucky to be able to do their own offering of lights with the help of kinds locals who happily guided them throughout the process.


For the interest of others, I’ve included the link below for the exact logistics of how to get there. There is no entrance fee into the main temple and shrine areas, but there’s a newly opened Cave Exploration activity that goes at RM35.00/USD8.00 if you’re interested in trying out.