St. Ali; My Favourite Place in Melbourne.

You cannot deny that any mention of visiting Melbourne is synonymous with coffee and café culture. As much as there are many established restaurants and an array of different cuisines available in this city, there is no way anyone can leave without at least paying homage to a café (or two) for some iconic brunch and a cuppa.


My first encounter with St. Ali goes way back to five years ago when one of my very best friends decided we are to hunt down this place to try. Located at South Melbourne, it’s easily accessible by tram services within the city and the exact tram stops are listed on their website.

For someone who doesn’t have a good memory, I clearly remember how good our first experience was; we had such a good time taking in the quirky layout of the place, the extensive array of coffee contraptions on their front counter, and we ended up having a hard time deciding what to have from their extensive menu.


Needless to say, there was no looking back since then.

To date, St. Ali is the only café in Melbourne I had visited twice, and the only place that I always make a point to return to whenever I am in my favourite city.


Recently, I returned to my favourite city with a significant other and dropped by again, for old times sake. The overall layout was slightly different with a darker setting, but apart from that, everything else was as good as how I remembered it to be.




To be honest, I don’t know what exactly makes me fall in love with this place over and over again. It could be largely due to nostalgia from my part, but by itself, this café is worth checking out for the good amount of creativity, good vibes and food selection that tickles my taste buds every single time!

So, if you’re ever in Melbourne with coffee and brunch in mind, try stopping by. I can’t guarantee you’ll like this place as much as I do, but the least that I can vouch for is that you won’t be disappointed.