So long, Sydney!


Altogether this year, I have spent an entire month in this metropolitan city, which is unusual for someone like me who isn’t a city girl at heart. The main purpose of going back and forth wasn’t exactly for leisure, but that didn’t stop me from taking a break every now and then from mundane activities to carry out my own bit of exploration.


The city is still as beautiful as I remembered it to be since my first visit as a child, with its iconic buildings like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge being one its many famed tourist attractions. It’s pretty easy to manoeuvre around the city by foot or public transport; Uber is also a useful app to have on handy if you need a ride.

The good weather made our experience even more pleasant, although my friends and I almost had a heat stroke just last week when temperatures peaked to 34 degrees on some of the days.


It’s nice visiting old haunts, but there’s also so much else to soak in amidst the hustle and bustle of the CBD! Everywhere we went, we enjoyed observing good-looking people  who flocked the streets in their equally elegant attire, breathing in the smell of good food and I must say, if you’re up for a massive shopping spree, Sydney is definitely the place to be at.

 I took the time to mostly walk wherever my curiosity took me, allowing myself to be (frequently) distracted by good coffee, delicious grub and hidden laneways that are worthwhile additions to our photo archives.






For those of you who are not one to just stay in the heart of the city, there’s always the option of heading out to the beach on a sunny day or take a walk at one of their many parks and waterfronts.


If your adventurous spirit takes you further than that, then catch a 2 hour train-ride to the Blue Mountains for some bush-walking. There’s a variety of easy routes to explore and most of them lead you to Echo Point where you’d witness the famed Three Sisters in the distance. A dinner pitstop at Katoomba, its nearby town would make a great ending to your day trip.


You could say that I had a good time in Sydney, but really, for many reasons, I am more than relieved to bid goodbye to this vibrant city.

If you look out for my upcoming post, you will come to realise that my heart would always belong to Melbourne.

Always. ♥