Where I left off

It took myself ten years of writing online before I finally made the decision to fully, truly take my moniker Cheesetal on to a more purposeful direction.

Over the last few years, I’ve been tossing over the idea of phasing out cheesetal.blogspot.com for a few recurring reasons – For one, personal privacy progressively played a huge part in how I portray myself online; the more I emphasised the value of discretion in my life and for the people around me, the more selective I ended up being with the content I choose to publish.

The other huge influencing factor is that I am also feeding my constant curiosity by dabbling with other hobbies and new interests, which led me to question whether the whole idea of writing is no longer for me. This thought process was something I struggled with for the longest time, considering the fact that writing was what I myself and my social circle would define as a big part of my personality. It was a platform that allowed me to express my introverted side; to provide a written equivalent of words I was incapable of saying.

I try to put it as dramatic as I can but really, there’s also the usual excuses you’d expect to hear on a daily basis – The lack of time, ideas or nice pictures, and no one bothers with blogs anymore. If it were a physical object, I would definitely stoop to the level of saying that my dog ate it.

All these thoughts flew back and forth in my head, until one fine day, the realization hit me like a speeding truck.

I realised that it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy writing as much as I used to, or that I lost my flair to ramble on incessantly with verbal diarrhea. It was simply because I could no longer relate to the  objectives of what Cheesetal was originally meant for!

As I grew up and out of the days where I relied on it as means of expression, the need to write about absolutely everything had regressed significantly, leading me to mistake that for a loss of interest. It took so long before I finally figured out that it was merely an evolving mindset and in order to keep up with its fluidity, a change in direction is warranted.

This is where Say Cheese, Tal brings a bout of fresh air to archive all that I have always loved –
Travel, photography, thoughts and the bits of my life; there’s so many of these experiences that are worth sharing, and knowing that what I have written the last ten years had resonated with the people around me, it would be a waste to leave them forgotten.

Here’s to rekindling what I thought I had lost, and to welcome a newfound inspiration that came at a time where you least expected it to!